We offer two main alternatives to the conventional licensing mechanism, which is tied to per PC based on its MachineID (unique identifier for every PC)

  1. Concurrent licensing - Your application requests a license for a user defined period of time (say 8 hours to cover a day of work) and at the end of it, releases that licence for the next day or another instance of your application to claim it. The idea is to have a pool of licences that a set number of deployed instances can claim for use and release after use. You don’t have to manually add or remove licences it can be part of your start-up/shutdown code. A maximum number of allowed concurrent applications is set on our licence servers. The only downside is that all applications must be connected to the internet to be able to retrieve the licence when needed or at least be able to connect to our Licence servers via proxy, etc.

  2. Signed licensing - Your application gets “signed”/licensed at build time, this process generates a small text file with hashed licence information that is ONLY ever going to work with that instance of your application executable. You’d have to regenerate the licence hash after every compilation of your application. There is a simple tool that you can run as your post build application. You then deploy this *.txt file along with your binaries and you have a completely portable deployment. No need for post-deployment activation at all. This is also good because you alone will have full control over the licensing and authentication, the way you want. This is effectively an unlimited licensing model and its simplicity is very appealing. This model is an annual subscription type for an agreed fee.

Please contact sales@medicalconnections.co.uk for any licensing queries.