Before DicomObjects can be used on any machine (physical or virtual), a list of unique MachineIDs is generated and used in the licence activation process.

To generate a machine ID that can best (uniquely) identifies a machine, we gather various system information, for example:

  • Hard drive info
  • MAC Address
  • Operating System info (Only Applicable to Operating Systems that are older than Windows Vista)

Adding new hardware

Adding new hardware would not break the installed DicomObjects licence, as long as the existing hardware remain.

Removing or replacing existing hardware

Removing or replacing existing hard drive, network card or upgrading existing Operating system will very likely kill the installed licence as the new MachineID is likely to be different to the original value which the licence is tied to.

Windows update

Windows update is very unlikely to change the MachineID, therefore the existing licence remains valid. Make sure a safe copy of the licence file is made before Windows update.