Medical Connections provides full support for developers using our products and most of our customers agree that the quality of the support is one of the most important reasons for them choosing us. Many forms of support are available.


Site-wide Search

    Searching the Knowledge Base (as part of whole site search) is probably the quickest way to find the relevant articles of your interest.

Upload Facility

    In most cases, we may ask you to send us examples of problem images, log files etc. via our secure upload facility on Dropbox. Your uploads will be automatically deleted once the case is closed.

Remote Desktop Sessions

    When necessary, we are quite happy to arrange screen-sharing to help diagnose problems which are otherwise difficult to identify.

In return for the above excellent support, all we ask is that support requests should be channelled via the developer - whilst we may sometimes need to communicate directly with your customers. However, that is not our normal practice.

Knowledge Base

We maintain a large Knowledge Base of useful articles, covering everything from basic DICOM through commercial licensing questions to programming tips for using DicomObjects most effectively. If you wish, you may browse the list of KB articles in alphabetical order, but in practice, it is generally more efficient to use either the search facility on the menu bar above, or to filter by category or tag from the lists below. Needless to say, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, drop an e-mail to our technical team.