DicomObjects.NET Core Documentation
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    Introduction to DicomObjects.NET Core version
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    DicomObjects.Core consists of an inter-related, but independent, set of .Core compatible "Objects" that enable developers to quickly and easily add DICOM functionality to their products without needing to understand or program the intricacies of the DICOM standard. This help file provides full reference to those objects and also some introductory guidance.

    Almost any aspect of DICOM image/data manipulation can be performed using DicomObjects, including:    

    The main Components of DicomObjects are:

    DicomWeb Namespace

    All classes for RESTful DICOM Web Client and Server implmentations.

    DicomServer Class

    An object that provides storage, query/retrieve and normalised facilities as a service class provider (SCP). Events are raised in response to incoming operations.

    DicomQuery Class

    An object that handles the query/retrieve parts of the DICOM standard as a service class user (SCU).

    DicomDataSet Class

    Used for reading, writting, parsing, imporint and exportring DICOM objects

    DicomPrint Class

    Used for sending DICOM print requests to DICOM Printer SCP

    DicomGlobal Class

    Used for certain global operations, including logging and setting global behaviour.

    DicomAssociation Class

    A DicomAssociation Object represents a DICOM association, and may either be created automatically in response to an incoming query request, or explicitly by the client program. Methods of this object are used to send data, images, and verification requests.

    DicomException Class

    A DicomException Object represents the errors that occur within DicomObjects which is wrapped and thrown as a manageable exception in the user code with descriptive error messages.


    Other classes and collections are created and used by the above, and some may also be created directly. They are:

    Object Description Single Item Collection
    Generic SOP instance, used for results of DICOM queries or as a sub-element of a Sequence DicomDataSet Class DicomDataSetCollection Class
    Attribute (Data Element) of a DicomDataSet DicomAttribute Class
    DICOM Presentation context DicomContext Class DicomContextCollection Class
    Licencing Information and Control DicomLicence Class