DicomObjects.NET Core Documentation
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    DicomObjects.DicomWeb Namespace
    In This Topic
    Class Describes the type of the content based on the chosen media type. This would represent the chosen MIME type for communicaiton purposes.
    Class Base class for the DicomWeb client classes (STOW, QIDO & WADO)
    Class Class which provides the funcitonality for a DicomWeb restful services origin server supporting WADO, STOW and QIDO
    Class Arguments for QidoReceive event
    Class QIDO-RS client class
    Class This is a generic controller for a server handling DICOM services It does some of the heavy lifting to translate between DICOM data and an HttpResponseMessage with a utility to negotiate result format
    Class This represents the HTTP request object
    Class This represents the HTTP response and parses the content to usable objects
    Class Web Server Startup
    ClassClass to hold event for StowReceived event of a DicomWebServer
    Class STOW-RS client class
    Class Arguments for the WadoReceived event
    Class WADO-RS client class
    Class As class which represents DicomWeb multi-part message
    Interface Interface for Qido web client
    Interface Interface for Stow web client
    Interface Interface for Wado web client
    Enumeration The ways that DICOM data can be encoded in DicomWeb
    Enumeration Indicate the type of WADO Request
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