How to implement a Magnifying Glass with DicomObjects

It is possible to implement a magnifying glass tool in DicomObjects.NET.This functionality can be achieved by using a second DicomImage which is a copy of the original image (scaled, zoomed and scrolled accordingly) and overlaying onto the original image.

How to Import PDF to DICOMPDF

Import general PDF files and turn them into DICOM PDF format is not much different to import other file formats, i.e. windows Bitmap and Jpeg images.

Based on the DICOM supplement 104, we made two small programs (VB6 using COM version and CSharp using .NET version) which demonstrate what attributes are needed for making a valid DICOM PDF file.

Hierarchical SOP Instance

While DicomObjects can not create a Dicom Hierarchical SOP Instance dataset collection directly, however it can do much of the work for you. A Hierarchical SOP Instance Dataset collection are similar in structure to a DicomDir which DicomObjects can create automatically.


To create a DICOM Image Histogram Module, users of DicomObjects can use the DicomImage.Histogram method, which returns an array containing the distribution of the raw pixel values.

How to Implement Shutters in DicomObjects

Shutters are a means to “black out” areas of an image outside the area of interest, and are defined in DICOM and in presentation states.

Upgrading to DicomObjects v8

There are some significant changes in our Version 8 if you are upgrading from an older version.