Label Alignment

This article describes different ways a DicomLabel object can be aligned inside a DicomViewer control using its properties in .NET and COM version of DicomObjects.

Limiting Transfer Syntax for RT SOP Classes

There is a known issue in the Dicom Standard. SOP classes related to RT can legitimately be written / transferred using several different Transfer Syntaxes. HOWEVER The length of some of the attributes associated to RT is such that they can not be represented within a 32 bit word. As such it is imposable to represent them using an explicit Transfer Syntax.


Contents DicomObjects.NET DicomObjects.COM 32 BIT 64 BIT Sensible level values for logging DicomObjects log files are extremely important and useful for analysing DICOM network and query/retrieve problems.

Object/Memory Management of DicomImage and DicomDataSet

The following diagram shows the relationship between DicomImage and DicomDataSet objects.

Product Licensing Overview

This page explains licensing structures and some of the frequently asked questions.

How to choose which IP Address you connect from

When a PC has multiple IP Addresses, sometimes people would like to specify one of them to be used for connecting out to other DICOM AEs. This can be easily achieved in the .NET