Hounsfield Units

Hounsfield Units (HU) are used in CT images it is a measure of radio-density, calibrated to distilled water and free air.

How to implement C-MOVE in DicomObjects

DicomObjects.NET C-MOVE is slightly more complicated but user has a lot more flexibility.

LabelType: doBitmap

We have to admit the term “Bitmap” is a bit confusing for most people. It is actually a DICOM term for “map of bits”, not the common Bitmap graph. What you have for label type Bitmap is a collection of dots, positions of which are specified in the Points property of that label object:

Making a copy of the image as displayed

It is possible to “Capture” an image as displayed on screen. This can be easily done in both .NET and COM version of DicomObjects.


There are three types of Refresh in DicomObjects:

Internal Refresh

This routine fires automatically when any of the following display settings gets changed:

How to fire DicomViewer's MouseWheel event

  1. DicomObjects.NET
  2. DicomObjects.COM
  3. When you have multiple DicomViewer on the Form