How to make SLAB in 3D


	DicomVolume volume =  new DicomVolume(image/images, Decimate);    
	DicomImageSlab slab =   new DicomImageSlab (volume);   
	slab.SetViewPlane(new Point3D  (), new Vector3D(1, 0, 0), new Vector3D(0, 0, -1));  
	slab.SlabThickness =10;  
	slab.RenderMode = RenderType.RayTrace;  
	slab.Width = 80;  
	slab.Level = 35;  

Download the CSharp Sample Viewer Program to try all 3D functionalities.


	Dim volume as DicomVolume
	Set volume = dicomImage.Volume(false, false, false, true, decimate)  'if 1 multi-frame image   
	Set volume = dicomImages.Volume(false, false, false, true, decimate) 'if many single-frame images   
	Dim image3D as DicomImage
	Set image3D = volume.MakeSLAB
	image3D.View.RenderMode = doRayTrace
	image3D.View.SlabThickness = 10   
	viewer.Images.Add image3D

Download the Vb6 Sample Viewer Program to try all 3D functionalities.

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