IHE Profile The IHE Treatment Delivery Workflow-II (TDW-II) Integration Profile describes the necessary workflow between a Treatment Management System (TMS) and Treatment Delivery Device (TDD) for treatment delivery.

How to implement PET-CT Fusion in DicomObjects

Implementing PET-CT fusion using DicomObjects is very straightforward. And the output is a generic DICOM 3D image so you can perform other standard operations such as Rotate and Translate.

DICOM Print Service

Printing in DICOM is unlike any other printing system used in the world, with no relation to PDF, network print protocols etc. Not surprisingly, it uses standard DICOM mechanisms, and although it is one of the original 1993 services, it is probably one of the most complex services in the standard!

Creating Overlays

DicomObjects does not have direct, simple ways to create DICOM overlays.

How to send large amount of Images DicomObjects

Common use case and restrictions It is common that users need to send an entire DICOM study that contains hundreds (or even thousands) of images to a remote DICOM node.

Adding additional attributes when using AddToDirectory

Only the mandatory elements (and one or two others we’ve been talked into adding) are put into the DICOMDIR by the AddToDirectory (.