There are many different ways to activate a DicomObjects or XdsObjects licence:

  1. Programmatically
  2. Licence manager
  3. Offline activation
  4. Application signing licence

Both online and offline licence activation can be done using different methods as shown below:

Online Activation


DicomObjects.NET version

if(DicomLicense.CurrentLicense == null)
  string result;
  DicomLicense.ActivateOnLine("AAAA-BBBB-CCCC", "Company Name", "Other Activation details", out result);


string result;
DicomLicense.ActivateOffLine("AAAA-BBBB-CCCC", Token_Obtained_Online, out result);

DicomObjects.COM version

Dim dlg As New DicomLicenseGlobal  
Dim dl As DicomLicense  
If UBound(dlg.InstalledLicenses) = 0 Then
 Set dl = dlg.ActivateOnLine("AAAA-BBBB-CCCC", "Company Name", "Other Activation details")


Dim dlg As New DicomLicenseGlobal  
Dim dl As DicomLicense  
If UBound(dlg.InstalledLicenses) = 0 Then
 Set dl = dlg.ActivateOffLine("Your Licence key", Token_Obtained_Online)


string result; 
XdsLicense.ActivateOnLine("AAAA-BBBB-CCCC", "Company Name", "Other Activation details", out result);
string result; 
XdsLicense.ActivateOffLine("AAAA-BBBB-CCCC", Token_Obtained_Online, out result);

Licence Manager Tool

You could download our licence manager sample project from the DicomObjects .NET Examples Page and COM Examples Page, or the XdsObjects Examples Page and choose the appropriate activation method (online or offline).  This is simply a GUI that runs the above commands.

Offline Activation

For generating an offline licence token using your licence key, please visit our Offline Activation Page from an Internet accessible device.

Instructions to follow :

  1. Choose the correct product from the drop-down list for activation
  2. Copy over the machine ID you had obtained earlier from the Licence dialog box (offline tab)
  3. Enter your licence key in the Authorization String box
  4. Customer info 1&2 [details about this activation]
  5. Hit Submit to generate the Licence Token
  6. Copy over this generated token to use in the Token Obtained Online field

Signing Licence

Follow the link for more details about the application signature based licensing.


If your current licence has expired, whether a Developer or any trial licence, deleting those licences or clearing all licences from your system and following the above steps would ensure that those expired licences are cleared out and a new valid licence has been activated. Instructions on how to delete licences can be found on the Deactivating Licences page

A standard developer licence is valid for 2 years and a standard trial key for 60 days since the date of the activation.

Customizing the standard DicomObjects licence activation dialog is made possible. Please download our example Licence Dialog Customization and see how it can be done.