XdsObjects | XDS API/SDK Toolkit


Following on from the success of DicomObjects for DICOM, Medical Connections added XdsObjects to its product range. This is an XDS toolkit to simplify the development of applications which conform to the IHE XDS profiles.

IHE Profiles

XdsObjects supports all the following profiles:

  • Full support for all XDS.b transactions (as server and client)
  • Provide and Register Document Set
  • Register Document Set
  • Registry Stored Query
  • Retrieve Document Set
  • XDS-I.b (as server and client)
  • Retrieve Imaging Document Set
  • XDR (as sender and recipient)
  • XDM (as reader and writer)
  • PIX (as client)
  • Patient Cross-reference query
  • ATNA (as client)
  • Automatic generation and sending of audit records
  • BSD Syslog, RFC 5425 & RFC 5426 supported
  • TLS supported for all XDS transactions


  • Free of charge for 60 day trial
  • Still free after that for genuine commercial development, testing and marketing
  • Royalties are only payable for copies put into production use

Full descriptions of the products availability, Licensing Terms and details of 3rd party tools are available on the “Licensing Page


Download XdsObjects

Other features

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