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    DicomImage Class
    In This Topic
    Class representing a DICOM Image
    Public Class DicomImage 
    Dim instance As DicomImage
    public class DicomImage 
    public ref class DicomImage 

    Each DicomImage object corresponds to one SOP instance, and for display, DicomImages are commonly held within a DicomImages collection.

    In general, a DicomImage is a utility wrapper around a DicomDataSet to help accomplish the Image viewing-related tasks, like zooming, scrolling, flipping, rotating, windowing etc.

    A DicomImage references a DicomDataSet ( DataSet property ), which also contains the attributes, the distinction being that a DicomImage contains pixel data, and is therefore displayable within a DicomViewer control, whereas a DicomDataSet may or may not contain pixel data, and is not displayable. The different properties and methods reflect this difference.

    A DicomImage object can be constructed directly from a file, stream or byte array

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    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.0 or higher

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