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    DicomDataSet Class
    In This Topic
    A DICOM data set
    Public Class DicomDataSet 
    Dim instance As DicomDataSet
    public class DicomDataSet 
    public ref class DicomDataSet 

    A DicomDataSet object holds a set of DicomAttributes, and constitutes the main set of data within DICOM. The content may be:

    • A composite instance (image or other persitent object)
    • A Command
    • An item in a sequence (in whch case it is part of a DicomDataSetCollection)

    The consituent attributes may be accessed in many different ways:

    • By Group and Element - dataset[group, element]
    • By KeyWord - dataset[Keyword]
    • Sequentially by index - dataset[index]
    • Sequentially by using the iterator - foreach(DicomAttribute in dataset)

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    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.0 or higher

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