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    DicomViewer Class
    In This Topic
    A visible control to display DicomImage objects
    Public Class DicomViewer 
       Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Control
    Dim instance As DicomViewer
    public class DicomViewer : System.Windows.Forms.Control 
    public ref class DicomViewer : public System.Windows.Forms.Control 

    The primary purpose of this control is the display of DICOM images, and extensive facilities are available to allow images to be obtained from a variety of sources, including files and network operations. There is extensive control over how the images are displayed, including not only the normal width/level controls, but also use of DICOM greyscale presentation states, a wide range of annotations, flipping, zooming etc.

    Images received via C-STORE operations are, by default, stored in memory and displayed. Any number of images can be received (subject to memory limitations), and may be displayed either singly or in combination. Images may be "windowed", and their various attributes, (including the pixel data), are available to the container application. Images may be selectively deleted, duplicated or re-ordered.

    A major design feature is that this control has no intrinsic user interface other than the display itself, all functionality being exposed and implemented via programmatic interfaces.

    Thread safety: All explicit methods are believed to be thread safe, and may be called from any thread, but many of the methods inherited from System.Windows.Forms.Control are not, and will throw exceptions if called from a thread other than the one which ceated the control. If any similar issues are found with non-inherited methods, please inform Medical Connections.

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    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.0 or higher

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