Query Parameters

A “normal” DICOM Query, as part of the Query/Retrieve service, is used to ask about the patients, studies, series or images known to a Q/R SCP (normally a PACS).

Querying Patient Information by Modality

It is possible to query for Patient Information using a DICOM C-FIND operation with Modality as a filter, in order to find all patients who have ever had a series with a particular modality.

Dicom Query Date/Time range

Formats allowed when specifying the Date/Time range in a Query:

Converting from DicomQuery to DicomConnection for Q/R

Note: This page applies only to the COM version of DicomObjects - the threading model of the equivalent DicomAssociation object in the .

Counting Studies, Series and Instances

There are many times when users need to know how many objects there of a given type, without needing to enumerate each one.

Relational Queries

Relational Queries have been in the DICOM standard since the start, but are supported by only about half the PACS in the world.