RegSvr32 is the Windows utility for registering ActiveX/COM controls such as DicomObjects ocx.

Normally, if RegSvr32 is used to register an OCX, then any previous registration locations of the same object (as identified by internal GUIDs) will be over-ridden,

but there is a large bug in this system, such that if DicomObjects (or any other OCX) has been registered as part of an InstallShield installation, then the copy installed as part of that process (normally in Windows\System32) cannot be changed simply by using RegSvr32 on another copy. Although, this command may appear to work but it simply does not.

There are 2 solutions:

  1. Uninstall the Application which included DicomObjects
  2. Delete the copy in Windows\System32 before registering elsewhere


Registry keys are not created automatically and if they are missing then you would have to add them manually for DicomObjects to pick them up when necessary.

For e.g. To add a log level as a registry key, you may have to create this registry key: HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/Software/Medical Connections/DicomObjects and then add a value within it, for example LogLevel=0x3F