Formats allowed when specifying the Date/Time range in a Query:

  • “HHMMSS-”
  • “-HHMMSS "

Combinations of date and time ranges:

For example:

Date Range: “20111001-20111002”

Time Range: “090000-100000”

  • For DICOM Modality Worklist query, the above date time range gives you a time span from 9AM 01/10/2011 to 10AM 02/10/2011, a range of 25 hours
  • For standard, non-MWL query, it gives you 2 slots: 9AM-10AM on 01/10/2011 and 9AM-10AM on 02/10/2011

Note, if you are using the .NET version of DicomObjects, you will need to set the ValidationType to DicomObjects.Enums.ValidationTypes.ForQuery before adding the date/time range, otherwise the internal validation will fail.