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In This Topic
    DicomImage3D Class
    In This Topic
    Class to display 3D DICOM data in various modes
    Object Model
    DicomImage3D Class
    Public Class DicomImage3D 
       Inherits DicomImage
       Implements IProjection 
    Dim instance As DicomImage3D
    public class DicomImage3D : DicomImage, IProjection  
    public class DicomImage3D = class(DicomImage, IProjection)
    public class DicomImage3D extends DicomImage implements IProjection 
    public __gc class DicomImage3D : public DicomImage, IProjection  
    public ref class DicomImage3D : public DicomImage, IProjection  

    Unlike in earlier versions of DicomObjects, MPR, MIP, VR & Slab are all handled by the same class, allowing the view to be changed at will simply by changing the RenderMode property.

    The members of the IProjection interface allow the view to be roated, zoomed etc., and these transformations are retained when changing views.

    Multiple DicomImage3D objects may share the same Volume, greatly reducing memory requirements.

    In version 8, display of 3D images is only suported in a DicomViewer with ViewerMode = DirectX.

    A DicomImage3D references a "primary" Image which is used for accessing the DataSet and related demographics etc, which is normally the first image in the pixel volume

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    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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