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In This Topic
    DicomImage Class
    In This Topic
    Class representing a DICOM Image
    Object Model
    DicomImage Class
    Public Class DicomImage 
    Dim instance As DicomImage
    public class DicomImage 
    public class DicomImage 
    public class DicomImage 
    public __gc class DicomImage 
    public ref class DicomImage 

    Each DicomImage object corresponds to one SOP instance, and for display, DicomImages are commonly held within a DicomImages collection.

    In general, a DicomImage is a utility wrapper around a DicomDataSet to help accomplish the Image viewing-related tasks, like zooming, scrolling, flipping, rotating, windowing etc.

    A DicomImage references a DicomDataSet ( DataSet property ), which also contains the attributes, the distinction being that a DicomImage contains pixel data, and is therefore displayable within a DicomViewer control, whereas a DicomDataSet may or may not contain pixel data, and is not displayable. The different properties and methods reflect this difference.

    A DicomImage object can be constructed directly from a file, stream or byte array

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    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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