Custom Projects

Although DicomObjects and XdsObjects have been used by hundreds of developers around the world, the greatest source of expertise and knowledge about it is undoubtedly found at the source, here at Medical Connections. Whilst we have a strict policy of not selling finished products to end-users (we do not wish to compete with our own developer customers!), we do have sufficient spare capacity to write applications for those who wish to sell them on to others, but who may not have the time, experience or resources to write their own applications from scratch. Such applications are always provided as source code, using DicomObjects and/or XdsObjects, allowing you to modify and enhance as you wish.

Here is a small selection of custom development works that we have done recently:

Project Description
Full Vendor-Neutral DICOM Archive/PACS Supporting DICOM C-STORE, C-ECHO, C-FIND, C-GET, C-MOVE, MPPS, Storage Commitment and DICOM IOCM
Intelligent DICOM Router Supporting all common DICOM services with intelligent routing and web interface
DICOM Modality Worklist Server Provides DICOM Modality Worklist information for mobile scanners at a British premier league football club
DICOM importer and C-STORE client Provides DICOM import (from PDF and JPEG/Bmp) add-on functions to customer's existing eye care solution and DICOM'ise the output and C-STORE to local PACS
DICOM UPS Client and Restful Gateway A full implemntation of the DICOM UPS as client, with the RESTful interface to work with existing systems
DICOM Web PACS/MWL/Printer/Router DICOM PACS, Printer, MWL server and Router with web interface and Postgre SQL
XDS Document Registry Supports Provide and Register as well as On-Demand document. Supports all XDS Registry Stored Queries
XDS Document Source and Consumer Including XDS-I Imaging Document Source, WADO Server with full Audit Support

All the above were of course 100% customised to customer's requirements, often using additional elements for which we have extensive in-house skills, such as:

  • DICOM <=> XML/Json Conversion
  • DICOMWeb
  • IPv4/IPv6 and TLS
  • Database integration & LINQ
  • Alerts and Messaging
  • Web Interfaces for users or administration