Machine ID generation

Before DicomObjects can be used on any machine (physical or virtual), a list of unique MachineIDs is generated and used in the licence activation process.

Alternative Licensing Models

We offer two main alternatives to the conventional licensing mechanism, which is tied to per PC based on its MachineID (unique identifier for every PC)

Concurrent Licences

This is a new licensing model to deal with environments such as AWS where the hosted servers where they constantly change their machine ID (which is tied to the licence) and as a result the licence activated becomes invalid; which has becomes a problem for developers to re-activate the licence on their customers' system.

Activating licences

There are many different ways to activate a DicomObjects or XdsObjects licence:

  1. Programmatically
  2. Licence manager
  3. Offline activation
  4. Application signing licence

Troubleshooting licence problems

This page describes the initial steps you could follow to troubleshoot a licensing problem.

DicomObjects.NET License Activation Dialog Customization

It’s possible and very easy to customize our DicomObjects.NET licence activation dialog: