DICOM was initially designed for human medical use, and has made a successful move into the veterinary field, but now is moving on another stage, with extensions for industrial radiography.


We are sometimes asked “does DicomObjects support ECG” (or EKG depending on where you are in the world!

DICOM Router/Gateway Workflow

Very often questions are asked about DICOM Router/Gateway implementations. So this is a summary of the options.

DICOM Sequences

DICOM allows a dataset to contain other nested datasets, which are encoded as “sequences”.

Meta SOP Class

A Meta SOP class is used where it is required to negotiate a “set” of SOP Classes as a batch, as one would not be useful without the others. The Meta SOP classes still used in DICOM are:

SOP Class

SOP class is one of those horrible obscure expressions used in DICOM which put people off the standard immediately!