Lookup Tables

There 3 stages or transforms within the DICOM rendering pipeline with regards to applying Lookup tables that can alter input values for rendering.

Manual Editing of MWL data

It is a very bad and dangerous idea to let users (radiographers/technicians) edit the data received through Modality Worklist.

Planar configuration

The Planar Configuration attribute (0028,0006) is only used in DICOM colour images, and specifies how the pixel data are arranged.

Print Annotations

Annotations DICOM Printing contains a specification for ‘Annotations’, but the terminology is very confusing, so this page is designed to explain the facility, and avoid misunderstandings.

Printing True Size Images

We are often asked how to persuade a DICOM printer to print images (normally plain radiographs) “TRUE” size.

Query Parameters

A “normal” DICOM Query, as part of the Query/Retrieve service, is used to ask about the patients, studies, series or images known to a Q/R SCP (normally a PACS).