DICOM Filmbox Printing vs Session Printing

This article demonstrates how to use DicomObjects.NET and Core version to perform FilmBox printing and Session Printing.

DICOM Print Service

Printing in DICOM is unlike any other printing system used in the world, with no relation to PDF, network print protocols etc. Not surprisingly, it uses standard DICOM mechanisms, and although it is one of the original 1993 services, it is probably one of the most complex services in the standard!

Print Annotations

Annotations DICOM Printing contains a specification for ‘Annotations’, but the terminology is very confusing, so this page is designed to explain the facility, and avoid misunderstandings.

Printing True Size Images

We are often asked how to persuade a DICOM printer to print images (normally plain radiographs) “TRUE” size.

Printing without using DicomPrint

Although DicomPrint object is designed to make printing simple and easy for developers to code, it is possible to use a more advanced DicomConnection (COM version) or DicomAssociation (.NET version) object to meet your special requirement.

How to Improve the Quality of Labels when Printing

Some users find that they get poor quality text, lines etc.