Radiotherapy objects were DICOM’s first foray into non-image Composite Instances - i.e. data to be stored long-term without pixel data. They are stored, handled, retrieved etc. exactly the same way as images. There are 7 radiotherapy objects:

  • Radiotherapy Image
  • Radiotherapy Dose
  • Radiotherapy Structure Set
  • Radiotherapy Plan
  • Radiotherapy Beams Treatment Record
  • Radiotherapy Brachy Treatment record
  • Radiotherapy Treatment Summary

All these can of course be handled by DicomObjects, but only the Image and Dose can be displayed in a viewer. Not that although “Dose” images have pixel data, this is a pseudo-image, showing an intended dose distribution. it is also unique in DICOM, using 32 bit pixel values. This can be displayed by recent versions of DicomObjects.