Following our first article about how to Host .NET Viewer on Web Page, people asked questions about using DicomObjects.NET from their VB/Java scripts.

We created this page to sum up some of the most commons problems, and we will continue to update this page should we get more questions/solution from our values users.

Objects doesn’t support this property or method

  • Make sure you do NOT have a com ocx version of DicomObjects registered on your computer. This error could be caused by the mixture of both com and .NET version both available on your system.

Class doesn’t support Automation: ‘Viewer.Images.Add’

  • This is probably due to the way how overloaded .NET methods are handled by the vbscript. Below is a brief instruction on how to get the overloaded method name
    • Browse the Object (for example DicomObjects.DicomImageCollection) from Visual Studio “Object Browser”
    • Find the overloaded methods (for example the overloaded Add method)
    • From the list of the overloaded method (for example, Add has 4 overloaded methods). The bottom one from the list will remain the same, where the one second to the bottom would be called overloadMethod 2 (for example Add 2), and the one above it would be overloadMethod 3 (Add 3) and so on. Find out which method you are using in your script and give it the correct name.

Here is the screen capture: