The GetUsingMove method is designed to allow C-MOVE to be used as easily and synchronously as C-GET from the COM version of DicomObjects, as many commonly available servers refuse to support C-GET, forcing use of C-MOVE. While MoveImages has been available in DicomObjects for some time, it is difficult to use, requiring close co-ordination between a listening object (DicomViewer or DicomServer) and a DicomQuery object. GetUsingMove handles all the necessary co-ordination internally, opening a port, receiving the images, and presenting them, just like GetImages. Before using this method, the DicomQuery object’s Destination and ReceivePort properties must have been set to appropriate values, such that the destination name is known to the server, and maps to the ReceivePort and IP address from which the query is being sent.

Following picture shows the threads (the main one and a new one created by DicomObjects) involved in GetUsingMove: