DICOM was initially designed for human medical use, and has made a successful move into the veterinary field, but now is moving on another stage, with extensions for industrial radiography. The standard which defines this is formally known as ASTM Standard Practice E 2339-08, but it is better known as DICONDE - Digital Imaging and Communication for Non-Destructive Evaluation.
Fortunately, the writers of this standard have made only the smallest of changes to the DICOM specifications, with the main modifications being those to replace “patient” details by those for “components” etc. A number of private attributes have also been added for elements not supported by existing official DICOM attributes.

This close adherence to the existing DICOM standard means that DicomObjects fully supports DICONDE “out of the box” with no changes being needed to the existing, established medical toolkits. This applies equally to the COM and .NET versions. Medical Connections would be pleased to provide any help and guidance to those wishing to use DicomObjects in industrial applications.