A conformance statement is a detailed description, in a specific format (as defined in Part 2 of DICOM) of the DICOM-specific features of a particular product.

Amongst other things, it describes:

  • The SOP classes and transfer syntaxes supported
  • What “real-world” activity triggers or is triggered by what network operations
  • Character sets supported

Most of the content of a conformance statement relates to which parts of DICOM an application chooses to support, and how these are activated in the “real-world”, so conformance statements can only apply to complete applications, not toolkits, as a generic conformance statement written for “DicomObjects” would not be appropriate for any products written using it.

However, there are a few parts of a conformance statement which do relate to the underlying toolkit, such as simultaneous association counts etc., and most of these are listed under “Conformance” in the help file.

Any developer wishing to sell a product using DicomObjects is asked to write their own preliminary conformance statement, outlining the functionality of the product, and leaving blank any bits which relate purely to DicomObjects, then send it to Medical Connections for review.

We will happily check it through, and fill in any DicomObjects related gaps.