If a PET image has field [54,1001] set to BQML, then the PET image can be displayed in SUV. Before you can do this you will need to do a conversion from activity concentration to SUV.

Examples of SUV types:

  • SUV Body Weight (SUV-bw)
  • SUV Body Surface Area (SUV-bsa)
  • SUV Lean Body Mass (SUV-lbm)

SUVbw and SUVbsa equations are taken from Kim et al. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Volume 35, No. 1, January 1994. pp 164-167.

SUV-bw = (PET image Pixels) \* (weight in grams) / (injected dose).
SUV-bsa = (PET image Pixels) \* (BSA in m2) \* (10000 cm2/m2) / (injected dose).
(BSA in m2) = [(weight in kg)^0.425 \* (height in cm)^0.725 \* 0.007184].

SUVlbm equations are taken from Sugawara et al. Radiology, November 1999. pp 521-525.

SUVlbm = (PET image Pixels) \* (LBM in kg) \* (1000 g/kg) / (injected dose).

For Males:

LBM in kg = 1.10 \* (weight in kg) – 120 \* [(weight in kg) / (height in cm)]^2.

For Females:

LBM in kg = 1.07 \* (weight in kg) – 148 \* [(weight in kg) / (height in cm)]^2.

PET image pixels and the injected dose are decay corrected to the start of scan. PET image pixels are in units of activity / volume.