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DicomObjects Namespace / DicomImage Class / VoiLUT Property

In This Topic
    VoiLUT Property
    In This Topic
    The VOI Lookup Table to be used to display the DicomImage
    Public Property VoiLUT As System.Short
    Dim instance As DicomImage
    Dim value As System.Short
    instance.VoiLUT = value
    value = instance.VoiLUT
    public System.short VoiLUT {get; set;}
    public read-write property VoiLUT: System.Int16; 
    public function get,set VoiLUT : System.short
    public: __property System.short get_VoiLUT();
    public: __property void set_VoiLUT( 
       System.short value
    property System.short VoiLUT {
       System.short get();
       void set (    System.short value);

    Property Value

    The index of the VOI LUT to use for display

    DICOM allows multiple VOI and presentation Lookup Tables (LUTs) in images, and the user may select whichever they require. These properties provide that choice, and the value 0 may be used to disable the LUT. The value may range from 0 (disabling the LUT) to the number of VOI LUTs in the image. Values beyond the available range are treated as 0.

    The value is initially set to the DefaultVoiLUT property, which if itself having the default value of 1, indicates that the first VOI Lookup Table, if present, should be used.

    See VoiLUTInUse for a mean to tell which VOILUT is actually being used


    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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