DicomObjects.NET.8.48 Documentation
DicomObjects Namespace / DicomImage Class / MaskRanges Property

In This Topic
    MaskRanges Property
    In This Topic

    Contains an array of DicomMaskRange objects to be applied to this image.

    See the DicomMaskRange object for more information on how this is used.

    Public Property MaskRanges As DicomMaskRange()
    Dim instance As DicomImage
    Dim value() As DicomMaskRange
    instance.MaskRanges = value
    value = instance.MaskRanges
    public DicomMaskRange[] MaskRanges {get; set;}
    public read-write property MaskRanges: array of DicomMaskRange; 
    public function get,set MaskRanges : DicomMaskRange[]
    public: __property DicomMaskRange*[]* get_MaskRanges();
    public: __property void set_MaskRanges( 
       DicomMaskRange*[][]* value
    property array<DicomMaskRange^>^ MaskRanges {
       array<DicomMaskRange^>^ get();
       void set (    array<DicomMaskRange^>^ value);
    If this property is changed, then the internal caches are cleared automatically, but if you change individual elements of the array without chaning the array itself, then it is necessary to call ClearCaches explicitly.

    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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