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In This Topic
    DicomQuery Class
    In This Topic
    Object used for DICOM Query/retrieve SCU operations
    Public Class DicomQuery 
    Dim instance As DicomQuery
    public class DicomQuery 
    public ref class DicomQuery 

    A DicomQuery Object that facilitates the querying of information and retrieval of images from DICOM servers that support the Query/Retrieve protocols as a Service Class Provider (SCP)

    A useful feature of this object is that is re-usable, so as the user descends though a hierarchical search, new constraints may be added, and the search repeated, with having to re-set those already used.

    The query object can be used either to retrieve images to itself for data extraction, conversion to JPEG etc., or it may initiate DICOM C-MOVE requests to send the images to another entity, commonly a DicomServer control.

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    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.0 or higher

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