DicomObjects Namespace / DicomAssociation Class

In This Topic
    DicomAssociation Class
    In This Topic
    Class representing a single DICOM Association
    Public Class DicomAssociation 
    Dim instance As DicomAssociation
    public class DicomAssociation 
    public ref class DicomAssociation 

    A DicomAssociation Object represents the current state of an association, and may either be created automatically in response to an incoming query request, or explicitly by the client program. Methods of this object are used to send data, images, and verification requests. There is not a one-to-one correspondence between DicomAssociations and associations, as one incoming association may cause several DicomAssociation objects to be produced, one in response to each incoming command, and likewise, an outgoing DicomAssociation object may during its life serve more than one association, but at a given time, each association is represented by one, and only one DicomAssociation.

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    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.0 or higher

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