One of the irritating features of DICOM for small and medium scale developers is the need to obtain an official UID prefix to use for both software implementations and for images and related objects. Although mechanisms do exist to obtain such a prefix, they vary widely in availability, complexity and cost from one country to another, with the result that many developers have resorted to distinctly non-unique prefixes such as “999.999.999” etc.

Medical Connections Ltd therefore provides a fully valid and official UID prefix to any person or organisation needing it for use in connection with DICOM. The prefix will be within the Medical Connections Ltd numbering space, but authority for all numbers generated from this prefix will be fully delegated to you, and no restrictions are placed on its use, other than those needed to guarantee unique number generation. In particular, you will be free to sub-delegate ranges to your customers or others if you wish

Whilst the motivation for this service was initially to provide UID prefixes for Medical Connections’s customers using DicomObjects, it is freely available to all, irrespective of the DICOM toolkit you wish to use. To obtain your prefix, please complete the form below, following which you will receive the UID at the e-mail address you provide.

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