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Upgrading to DicomObjects 6.0

Contents Changes to DicomObjects.NET Version 6 Changes to DicomObjects.COM Version 6 Changes to DicomObjects.NET Version 6 Rationale The namespace used in DicomObjects.NET 5.x had become quite “messy” with a complex set of nested classes, and no clear pattern to where objects could be found, making intellisense less usable, and development more complex than it need be. This has been “fixed” in version 6, with movement of all sub-classes into the top level of their respective namespaces, which are:

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Upgrading to DicomObjects v8

There are some significant changes in our Version 8 if you are upgrading from an older version. Some of the major API changes are in our 3D rendering: The data is loaded in the GPU when a *DicomVolume* is created. This is great news for memory management, as only one copy is needed, however many 3D images are made from it, and however many viewers show them. It also means that the underlying *DicomImage* objects can be released once the volume has been created, freeing up main memory (RAM).

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