Medical Connections Ltd

Medical Connections Ltd is a small, innovative medical imaging software and consultancy company, created with the aim of making medical image and record integration simpler, faster, cheaper and more reliable. Established and managed by Dr David Harvey, a radiologist, as a result, both requirements and development are seen from the end-user's perspective, providing solutions tailored to the real clinical environment.

The main products are DicomObjects a DICOM toolkit (API) for the development of DICOM conformant applications for medical imaging with .NET and COM versions available, and XdsObjects our XDS toolkit (API), for other clinical records.  Our Dicom library (API) is available with a 60 day trial.

Medical Connections Ltd also provides consultancy services in the field of medical image integration, and can advise suppliers, integrators, purchasers and government agencies on how best to achieve their goals in this area. This can include advice on choice of communication methods, conformance testing and even dispute resolution.

In addition, we can provide customised software solutions for specific DICOM needs, such as routing, on-the-fly modification etc.

For more information on ordering one of our products or services please contact or you can call us on   UK Telephone Number +44 1792 390209  or if your visiting from across the Atlantic call us on   US Telephone Number +1 888 342 6634