Philippa Cooper

Office Manager

+44 1792 720142
philippa's picture

Philippa started working for Medical Connections back in February 2005, so is a life long, fully paid up, committed member of the Medical Connections staff :-)

Previously Philippa served 12 years in the offshore finance industry within Customer Services in Reading, Birmingham, Cheltenham and the Isle of Man, before changing careers completely and running her own childminding business, finally returning to South Wales running her own nightclub before settling back into the 'office' environment with Medical Connections Ltd.  Amongst many various tasks Philippa's responsibilities include overseeing the running of the office, licensing, accounting and customer service.

Philippa's  personal time is mainly taken up by her 4 year old and family and pets, but does like to socialise whenever possible and is known to organise some sort of social event every now and again.


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