DICOM Private Elements

Why Private Data Element

Implementations may require communication of information that cannot be contained in Standard Data Elements. Private Data Elements are intended to be used to contain such information.

Private Data Elements have the same structure as Standard Data Elements (i.e., Group, Element, VR, Length and Value). To distinguish private data element from Standard ones, the group number used in the Element Tag of Private Data Elements MUST be an odd number.

Structure of Private Data Element

It is possible that multiple implementers may define Private Elements with the same (odd) group number. To avoid conflicts, Private Elements shall be assigned Private Data Element Tags according to the following rules.

The following table shows the structure of Private Data Elements.

How DicomObjects Handles Private Data Elements

There are 4 different situations where Private Data Elements may be handled differently in DicomObjects:

Note: A valid list of DICOM VR strings can be found here

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