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DicomObjects Namespace / DicomQuery Class / Find Method / Find(DicomDataSet) Method

DicomDataSet containing the search criteria

In This Topic
    Find(DicomDataSet) Method
    In This Topic
    Perform a C-FIND as SCU with search criteria.
    Public Overloads Function Find( _
       ByVal Request As DicomDataSet _
    ) As DicomDataSetCollection
    Dim instance As DicomQuery
    Dim Request As DicomDataSet
    Dim value As DicomDataSetCollection
    value = instance.Find(Request)
    public function Find( 
        Request: DicomDataSet
    ): DicomDataSetCollection; 
    public function Find( 
       Request : DicomDataSet
    ) : DicomDataSetCollection;



    DicomDataSet containing the search criteria

    Return Value

    This method is intended for advanced users, requiring more control over the query than can be achieved using the Query object's standard properties, and methods. Note that the Level value (Attribute 0008, 0052) where relevant must be included in the DataSet parameter. (For e.g. Level is not required for MWL query but it is required when quering for Patients, Studies, Series or Instances directly)

    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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