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DicomObjects Namespace / DicomPrint Class / FilmBox Property

In This Topic
    FilmBox Property
    In This Topic
    Over-rides of default values for Film Box Object
    Public ReadOnly Property FilmBox As DicomDataSet
    Dim instance As DicomPrint
    Dim value As DicomDataSet
    value = instance.FilmBox
    public DicomDataSet FilmBox {get;}
    public read-only property FilmBox: DicomDataSet; 
    public function get FilmBox : DicomDataSet
    public: __property DicomDataSet* get_FilmBox();
    property DicomDataSet^ FilmBox {
       DicomDataSet^ get();

    When this object is created during printing, values can be passed in the N-CREATE message, and the resulting dataset is retrieved. This property allows the initial values to be set to any non-default values needed.

    Some of the more commonly used properties have been given their own properties of the DicomPrint objects. These are FilmSize, Orientation, Format & AnnotationFormat. Values placed in the FilmBox object immediately update the corresponding values elements in the FilmBox property.


    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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