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The Matrix to use

In This Topic
    Zoom Method
    In This Topic
    The Zoom factor corresponding to a given System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix object
    Public Shared Function Zoom( _
       ByVal m As System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix _
    ) As System.Single
    Dim m As System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix
    Dim value As System.Single
    value = DicomGlobal.Zoom(m)
    public static System.float Zoom( 
       System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix m
    public function Zoom( 
        m: System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix
    ): System.Single; static; 
    public static function Zoom( 
       m : System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix
    ) : System.float;
    public: static System.float Zoom( 
       System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix* m
    static System.float Zoom( 
       System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix^ m


    The Matrix to use

    Return Value

    If the Matrix is anisometropic (different zooms in different directions), then the lower of the two is used, corresponding to the behaviour of the Zoom property, which uses the specified zoom as the lower figure, and inflates the other as necessary to correct for non-square pixels.

    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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