DicomObjects.NET.8.48 Documentation
DicomObjects Namespace / DicomAttribute Class / VR Property

In This Topic
    VR Property
    In This Topic
    The Value Representation of an attribute
    Public Property VR As System.String
    Dim instance As DicomAttribute
    Dim value As System.String
    instance.VR = value
    value = instance.VR
    public System.string VR {get; set;}
    public read-write property VR: System.String; 
    public function get,set VR : System.String
    public: __property System.string* get_VR();
    public: __property void set_VR( 
       System.string* value
    property System.String^ VR {
       System.String^ get();
       void set (    System.String^ value);

    This property is normally used as read-only and may be useful in determining the type of an element.

    Changing the type of an element is not normally needed or a good idea, but may be required occasionally, such as when private data has been read through the implicit VR transfer syntax.


    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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