DicomObjects.NET.8.48 Documentation
DicomObjects Namespace / DicomAttribute Class / Group Property

In This Topic
    Group Property (DicomAttribute)
    In This Topic
    The Group indices of a data element.
    Public ReadOnly Property Group As System.Integer
    Dim instance As DicomAttribute
    Dim value As System.Integer
    value = instance.Group
    public System.int Group {get;}
    public read-only property Group: System.Integer; 
    public function get Group : System.int
    public: __property System.int get_Group();
    property System.int Group {
       System.int get();

    Group and Element, although these properties would be redundant if accessing the elements by Group and element number, the ability to iterate through the elements using the "for each" requires these properties to be exposed, in order to identify the nature of each attribute.


    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 4.8 or higher

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