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    Activation File
    In This Topic

    This file is available to allow license activation to be controlled via an external file.  This is useful for services etc. where a GUI is not available, but must not be confused with Signature Based Licensing, which is machine independent.

    This activation file is a simple text file called DicomObjects.Activation in the same directory as the copy of DicomObjects DLL being used (which is normally the same as the application using it).  It is similar in concept to the Config File

    Each line is independent, and should conform to one of the following formats

    This is any line starting with # ; ' or // e.g. :

        # This is a comment

    This has the form:

        ActivateOnLine AuthorisationString, "Customer Info 1", "Customer Info 2"

    It is exactly equivalent to the DicomLicense.ActivateOnLine method, and the result is recorded in the log file.


    This has the form:

        ActivateOffLine AuthorisationString, LicenseToken

    It is exactly equivalent to the DicomLicense.ActivateOffLine method, and the result is recorded in the log file. The LicenseToken should be obtained from http://activation.medicalconnections.co.uk, using the MachineID, which you need to obtain from either the log, or a separate program with a GUI etc.


    This has the form:

    It has no parameters, and deletes all locally stored licenses.

    It is exactly equivalent to the DicomLicense.DeleteAllLicenses method.


    This has the form:

    It has no parameters, and causes all subsequent lines in the activation file to be ignored if a valid license already exists on this machine.


    This has the form:

    It causes the activation file itself to be deleted immediately - this should be considered for security reasons.