DicomObjects Namespace / DicomLicense Class / CurrentLicense Property

In This Topic
    CurrentLicense Property
    In This Topic
    The DicomLicense current in use
    Public Shared Property CurrentLicense As DicomLicense
    Dim value As DicomLicense
    DicomLicense.CurrentLicense = value
    value = DicomLicense.CurrentLicense
    public static DicomLicense CurrentLicense {get; set;}
    static property DicomLicense^ CurrentLicense {
       DicomLicense^ get();
       void set (    DicomLicense^ value);

    Only one license can be in use at any time, and this property allows the developer to choose which of those available (from the InstalledLicenses should be used, or to tell which is currently in use.

    If no license has specifically been selected, then DicomObject will use the GetLicense method to obtain one when this method is first called or when a license is first required.


    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 3.5 or higher

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