DicomObjects Namespace / DicomImage Class / FlipState Property

In This Topic
    FlipState Property
    In This Topic
    The flip state of the image, allowing the orientation of the image, as displayed, to be altered
    Public Property FlipState As FlipState
    Dim instance As DicomImage
    Dim value As FlipState
    instance.FlipState = value
    value = instance.FlipState
    public FlipState FlipState {get; set;}
    property FlipState FlipState {
       FlipState get();
       void set (    FlipState value);

    Check DicomImage.FlipState for all possible values.

    Default values is Normal.

    Only display within a DicomViewer is altered by these properties. Storage and transmission are NOT affected.

    RotateState and FlipState properties interact, as for example, RotateState=180 has the same effect as FlipState=Both. Conceptually, the flip is performed first, followed by any rotation.

    These properties are over-ridden if a PresentationState is applied.


    Target Platforms: .NET CLR 3.5 or higher

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