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DicomObjects Reference / DicomLabel Object
In This Topic
    DicomLabel Object Members
    In This Topic
    Public Methods
    Adds a point for polygon and polyline types
    Makes a polyline label enclosing a bitmap label
    Rescales a label to a new frame of reference
    Makes a bitmap label by threesholding an existing label
    Public Properties
    Actual Display Height of the label
    Actual Display Width of the label
    Annotation text alignment
    Anchor point location (X)
    Anchor point location (Y)
    Rotation angle for label
    Controls the size of a text label
    Annotation background/fill colour
    Annotation background/fill colour
    Style used to fill non-transparentlabels
    Font for text
    Annotation Font
    Annotation Font Size
    Annotation colour
    Annotation colour
    Defines size of an annotation
    Controls whether to include Label in Presentation State when CurrentToPresentationState method is called
    List of Frames you want to display the DicomLabel on. Empty FrameList is default value and it means display on all frames
    Type of annotation
    Defines position of an annotation
    Style of line drawn (as Windows)
    Annotation line width
    Margin between bounding box and text
    Describes the nature of an automation object
    The Points of a polyline or polygon
    Image used for ref line
    ROI's Area
    Units used for length and area
    Length of a line or polyline
    ROI's max value
    ROI's mean value
    ROI's min value
    ROI's standard deviation
    The values in an ROI
    Controls the centre of rotation of a text label
    Controls the rotation behaviour of a label
    Defines the X axis centre point used for label rotation
    Defines the Y axis centre point used for label rotation
    Determines whether the label's anchor scales with the cell dimensions
    Control whether font size scales with image
    Controls units used for the label's size
    Colour used for handles etc. when SelectMode causes them to be shown
    Controls whether 'handles' and bounding box are shown
    Controls whether a label is displayed with a contrasting shadow
    Control whether anchor point is shown
    Whether to display a box around text
    General Purpose Tag
    Tag Facility for object (e.g. a DicomLabels group
    Annotation text
    The spacing between ticks of a doLabelRuler type label
    Defines position of an annotation
    Controls whether an annotation has a transparent background
    Controls whether to display an annotation
    Defines size of an annotation
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