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Controls whether additional private elements are included
In This Topic
    CurrentToPresentationState Method
    In This Topic
    Takes all current display information and creates a corresponding DICOM presentation state
    Visual Basic
    Public Sub CurrentToPresentationState( _
       ByVal usePrivate As Boolean _
    Controls whether additional private elements are included

    The presentation state created is immediately used as the image’s PresentationState property, so after this call, the display should not be visibly altered,  though small changes may be seen due to the reduced flexibility of colours etc. in DICOM presentation states compared with DicomObjects' DicomLabel objects.
    The properties encapsulated into the presentation state include:

    There are several properties of DicomLabel objects which do not have official DICOM equivalents, such as font details, RotationMode and RotationCentre.  If usePrivate is true, then private attribute in the range 6E15,7Axx are added to the presentation state to store them, but if usePrivate is false, then these properties must be discarded.

    This method does have some limitations, and the following objects/properties are not currently converted:

    • Some label types – arrows, rulers, arcs and “special” labels
    • Mask subtraction information
    • ModalityLUT, VOILUT and PresentationLUT properties
    • ColourTable

    These issues will be addressed in a future version of DicomObjects

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